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September 20, 2006


Very nice. Great story

I am sincerely impressed by your Wal-Mart Sustainability website, and by the commitment that it appears Wal-Mart is making. With the website you have done a great job of "literally 'show'ing information in such a way that viewers "get it" long before they even have to think about it."

One thing that many viewers may not get if not informed is the trade-offs of some of the action by Wal-Mart. For example the data on the energy layer of the website is impressive showing the benefits of using CFL blubs. One metric that is not included here is the amount of mercury that would be required to make all those bulbs.

We all have conflicts. Transparency is a key aspect of environmental accounting. Showing more of the whole picture would add to the integrity of Wal-Marts actions.

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Good point G,

I've seen the Wal-Mart movie you mention, as well as visited Wal-Mart HQ alongside Al Gore, Lawrence Bender (producer of all Tarantino's films), reps from Conservation International, EPA, WWF and NRDC. From an environmental perspective, everyone came away quite convinced that the sustainability moves are real, and will have a tremendous positive impact when fully implemented.
I also recognize that many of the activities of a business the size of Wal-Mart don't stand up well to scrutiny. My personal experience thus far indicates that WM is doing many of the right things from an environmental perspective, and if I can do anything to support them in that undertaking, I'm commited to doing so.
Thanks for checking in,

hi guys,

it might help humanity to check out how the companies you work for do behave in reality -


looks good anyway, but it would be great to have people like you on the 'other' side -



And one more thing -

Conversely, when within an individual layer, when you mouseover a greyed-out button, it should highlight the corresponding layer on the right hand side.

This may be clear already from the previous comments - but I remembered that this was something I was trying to do when navigating through the site.


Thanks X, I knew you'd come through with great comments. I appreciate it -- I'll make those changes in the next version!


Great job! I like the layered view, and the 3D/2D views.

A couple of minor suggestions:

1) Reinforce linkage between the overall landscape and the layers

On the page "Take a tour of the layers of sustainability..."

a) in a smooth animation, place the numbers 1-7 one by one on the landscape, highlighting the right hand nav at the same time (and display the corresponding numbers)


b) when you mouseover the right hand side, highlight the appropriate items on the landscape (and display the number)

I think this would give slightly more intuitive guidance on how the whole thing fits together.

2) add "Overview" link to metrics views

e.g. under Logistics -> View metrics

I would like to see "Back" or "Overview" on the top navigation (to the left of "Efficiency Metrics") - instead of having to hunt for it over to the bottom right (esp. since the location of the back button has shifted), or figuring out that I should click "Logistics" to go back to the main view.


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