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February 01, 2008


Im having an addiction to tattoos...my questions.
1. if you could get a quote tattooed on you what would it be?!
2. What kinda tattoo do you wanna get?!
3. Can you look up a tattoo that you really like?! and put it in here.
4. what is your dream tattoo?!
thts all....im just bored and was just asking. thank you!!

Interesting graphics or draws I don't know but are nice, thanks for the information is very useful.

Thanks for this great work is very useful for all readers, I thank you for allowing me to read this great blog

sometimes the re first impresion doesn't matter.

Wow, thank a lot, cute pics :)

Where can I buy your new book Richard

why you don't post a video in youtube ? It will be funny.

Using tattoos is definitely a unique medium for brand/ product promotion and positioning. It is hard to say whether or not it provides a positive or negative brand image. I feel that it depends solely on the product/

I think in another way, first impression always count.

It is a Very Nice Post

I like the concept and Richard is great, but I wonder would the approach have acceptability for the majority of presenters and the majority of audiences?

Time and again I have witnessed the "shutters" coming down following a poor first impression and, no matter how much sense the person makes as the meeting progresses, the decision has already been made.

If it is in your control to not alarm your audience - at a pitch, an interview, or a preso - why would you take a devil-may-care attitude for those opening moments?

Yes, a carefully crafted opening that makes you stand out from your competition is clearly a good thing; but I suspect that very few people could get away with making a poor first impression in a "no one ever got fired for buying IBM" corporate world.

I wouldn't bet the farm on reason/intellect over-riding caveman instincts ...

Good work,thanks for sharing this information!!!



Malcolm apparently had made a pretty remarkable first impression.

Congratulations on your page, it is really interesting

Your site is a good

Hi Dan
Totally agree with the sailboat chart - and very funny too (Mulholland made an instant impact on me too - owe him a coffee, by the way). I guess all this goes to prove your points: Everybody can draw and a napkin will do the trick for you.

Looking forward to you book.

Jens Ole / Soulfighters

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