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April 19, 2008


You might want to check out this website:

It uses some visual ideas from google, I think, showing selected companies gruoped by industry, and indicates the price of a share of a company buy a proportional size difference between companies in a group, and indicates if the stock is up, down, or unchanged, with color. It also uses a world map giving the equivalent dow jones, s&p, for that country, using the same interface. It seems to cram a lot of information into a picture so one can tell at a glance what is happening in the markets. I would suggest that one not look at it during trading hours, as we all must know by now things are--um--challenging now. But it may be the seed someone needs to make better displays of information to people who need to make decisions in dynamic situations.

This reminded me of some of the nice work that's been done on business "Dashboard" design.

I absolutely agree.

This is the era of 'Instant'; instant information, instant coffee, etc.

Just the facts, Watson, just the facts!

Excellent example and application of the visual thinking process. Learning how to apply the knowledge creation principles: Capture, Process and Synthesis, is fundamental to a real Strategic Execution and this what is possible with this method.

Deep and very useful concepts

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