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May 16, 2008



Thanks for asking, but I don't have a simple flowchart of starting a small business. Not that it couldn't be created; I've just never done it myself. Good project for somebody, though!

- Dan

I see that you have given models of existing company, or grown up companies in this video. Well the Triangle gave some sample of how startup companies did initally. But those are V.old days.

Now starting even a Small scale business is a big challenge with all the procedures with govt. and other stuff. Do you have any simple diagram that will act like a flow model for any small scale business to startup with ?

Haha wow you totally made my day Dan with the MS, Google, Y! comparison. I caught myself clapping for a at how easy you made it look!

Actually I became an Instant fan of yours early this year and immediately subscribed to your blog and was glad to see a new entry today!

That's an excellent illustration of your book's principles Dan. I've enjoyed the book immensely with my work in ministry as a church pastor. Very cool!!!

Continued success to you.

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