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June 30, 2008


Researchers are usually reluctant to answer questions that ask for
"all" of anything because it's usually impossible to make sure that
you've found "all". Maybe, if you defined how many films you're
looking for, it would have been easier to answer the question.

Hi Dan,

Any chance there's a recording of that call? I just learned about you, missing the chance to join you live, and would love to plug in after the fact if that's possible.


Hi Dan,
Great call today! Immediately after the call, I decided to use BOTN to communicate the objectives, problem statement, current and future state for an upcoming brainstorming session with two startup CEOs. Instead of a napkin, I used two sheets of college-ruled paper folded into 6 pieces to represent slides. Used my cell phone camera to capture each image. Then weaved it together as a slide show on my PC. It took me about an hour.....Since I was having so much fun, I decided to draw each image in powerpoint. I stopped short of voice-over to create a video. I noticed the strange looks from people in the cafe who were wondering why I was smiling, drawing, tearing up paper and then taking pictures.

Hmmm, maybe between you and Six Apart, you can create blogging software that allows one to comment with pictures instead of words. :-)

P.S. Thanks for sharing. I'm buying the book!

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