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June 10, 2008


Did you know that our Lord Jesus Christ imprinted His face on a napkin and left this napkin on earth?
The first result on google images to the word "acheiropoietos" is how Jesus' Face looked like before crucifixion

Is Google's announcement it will stop censoring the internet in China and possibly pull out a marketing ploy?
Or do you think Google has good intentions or a bit of both?

Keep in mind, Google does not make much money in China and this kind of publicity will probably increase revenue better than regular Chinese annual revenues for the company.

Ironically I got a review copy of your book
from your publisher,
read it in time for my talk at IABC last week - where I rec'd it
then an audience member (Ellen of Cognac in the UK) came up and told me about her firm's approach to drawing the "big picture" to explain things in under ten minutes

And (continuing synchronicity) I was coaching two work teams at google on ways to communicate-to-connect - and there was ubiquitous you (Dan) speaking at google.

So today I wrote about you and the growth of the visual thinking field at http://www.movingfrommetowe.com/2008/06/29/%E2%80%9Ceven-you-can-draw-it-so-they-quickly-understand-kare%E2%80%9D/

BTW, David Sibbet was leading Coro when I was a Fellow there

I could predict a lot of what you were about to say in the talk. But that's because I've watched your previous talks and was familiar with the concepts.

Random: I bumped into a cool Interactive Visual showing vote results on NY Times

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