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July 07, 2008


Lets see how it will hold up against the flurry of other clustering engines along with semantic ngines coming in market.

this look really interesting. I wonder if/when you build some case studies around it, it can help interpret social technologies for the e-framework?

Dan, Great tools, thanks.
Can I buy your book in PDF or some ebook format what I can read on my PC?

Outstanding meeting today with Elizabeth et al... I really appreciated your view of the neuroscience aspect of visualization leading to communication and effective action.

As a neuroscientist who regularly finds remarkable and evocative communication enhancement with the patients in the process of using brain pictures - it does unlock new channels.

My new challenge: rethink how I teach these brain pictures to others!

You all have been most helpful, your book will be loaded in my blog library, and I will order it today - thanks again,


Thank you! I had been looking for these :-)
Greetings from Germany,

I didn't ask, but I am very grateful. Thanks for a helpful book and these useful reminders!

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