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August 04, 2008


Great enlightening ideas!
I've always preferred cheap copying paper myself and will probably go on doing that - but have had many interesting discussions involving napkins... so, yes big time it works!

thank you for sharing your insights!!!


Did you know that drawing on a flat surface is etymologically related to the word Napkin. Absolutely too funny, or was this intentional on your part?

Map \Map\ (m[a^]p), n. [From F. mappe, in mappemonde map of the world, fr. L. mappa napkin, signal cloth; -- a Punic word. Cf. {Apron}, {Napkin}, {Nappe}.]

Source ... http://www.bennetyee.org/http_webster.cgi?isindex=map&method=exact

Thanks for posting this, Dan. I know your whole point is to not make a big deal about the tools, and let the ideas come thru... But... since you've already figured out the best pen-to-napkin combination this is a big help!

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