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September 02, 2008


Hi Dan,

I really love your book and also your video presentation in Youtube.

I am waiting for your DVD's especially about your workshop ,do you have any plan to launch it in this year ?

coz i am living in Jakarta (Indonesia),so there is no way i can attend your workshop.

Scott's comic ? awesome also.

Thanks Dan.

Hi Dan,

I don't know if you would be able to answer this. But for creating a visually appealing presentation, that could include comic type graphics; do you have any suggestions on what any books to assist on getting a novice familiar with graphic design?

Dan, it's funny, I'm reading your book and I read Scott's Chrome comic yesterday. I discovered your blog because I was going to email you, "you've GOT to check out this comic!" But you're already on it.

I'm totally enthralled with Scott's comic, it's a true masterpiece of visual, technical communication. It doesn't have the casual style that you advocate in your book, and it's not the kind of thing any amateur could create, but I think people should read it as an example of how far you can push visual communication.

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