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September 26, 2008


I think that if you have a blog, then it is what you need.
Tell people about something, someone is advertising, to somebody else for something else.
Personally, I think so.
Here I have a blog about my travels, but I can not share them with people, because somebody would write that this is spam.
A hoster will also kick :)

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An accurate assessment ;)

Hahahaha, too rad... and too true :)

"Do you really believe the world wants what's best for the US?"

Well - to us Europeans (and probably to Australians and so forth) you guys in America are our closest allies and in many cases our relatives, we are as rich as you and share many parts of your culture, views and lifestyle. Basically you are our best friends. There is no-one else on this world who has the potential to understand us as well as you.

You are important to us! We care about you!

We would like you to be balanced, happy and prosporous. Not only because in an increasingly interconnected world this means we will profit from your prosperity (as you do from ours), but also because a relationship with someone balanced and happy is something wonderful and gratifying.

During the Clinton years the relationship wasn't always easy, but we understood each other, many times we pulled together. At times you were a role model. Then you elected and re-elcted Bush. We saw you become less and less prosperous, internally divided and generally unhappy. Due to the clearly inept guy leading you we couldn't see you as an example any more. Often your behavior on the international floor was an embarrassment.

All in all in the last eight years our relationship turned sour. We saw you going down the wrong path in many, many ways, toying with many dangerous ans stupid things and we would like you to turn around.

We genuinely believe that McCain is not good for you! We don't think he will treat you well and it is already very clear that he doesn't project a positive image of America to the world.

Why should this matter to you? Wether you like it or not, we are the ones on this planet who have the most in common with you. There is no easy way out of this relationship. In the last years you also have discovered, that although you are the last remaining superpower, you cannot achieve your goals on your own.

You need us (as we need you). We are prepared to be there for you, but not if you treat yourself, us and the rest of the world as you have done in the last eight years.

We genuinely believe that Obama is far more capable of achieving your international goals, resolving your internal conflicts, preparing you for the future and will make you balanced, happy, prosperous and well-liked.

So "yes" - we believe with all our heart and mind, that what the world wants for the US will be best for the US.

Does that answer your question?

Brilliant. It might have been funny to keep Alaska as "Strong Mc Cain", while the rest of the country would be "too close to call"

As an Ex-Pat looking from the outside, I have watched the race with great interest. Why can't Obama close the deal? He had difficulty doing so with Clinton, and now with McCain.
It was interesting to see Biden calling for a stop to the neg. messages, and a day or two later, he provides the ammo for the next round of neg. messages. Way to go Joe!
Can you draw a comparison of dollars spent by the two parties?

Actually, what it might tell you is that the rest of the world has more of an interest in US politics than it's citizens.

"Do you really believe the world wants what's best for the US?" I don't know if you've spent significant time abroad but you should realise everything you guys do impacts the rest of the world. If bad things happen in the US, bad things happen to the rest of us. Domestic policy might be more important to you but US Foreign policy and US Domestic policy affects every one on the rest of the world. We have a strong vested interested in a good administration in the White House.

The US is the world's only superpower and as Peter Parker learned, with great power comes great responsibility :-)

Regardless whether you agree with the point, the graphic does makes a very clear point.

Well, this happens to be right. At least according to our own poll where 85.000 people from 167 countries have voted:

Interesting. Source, please?

Great visual, interesting point.

LOL. Brilliant.

That should tell you all you need to know about who to vote for. Do you really believe the world wants what's best for the US?

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