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January 05, 2009


Everyone has a "favourite" book, and then one day, another book comes along and just blows the other one out of the water, and you have a problem, because now your favourite book isnt so good anymore. Which book was THAT book for you?

The books are the smartest way of fun, you can learn & enjoy at the same time!!!!!!!

Would it be possible to post sample pages from your upcoming workbook (to be published this fall)?


Congratulations, for thi great Blog.


Hello Dan,
I am the Napkin Dad. Thank you for telling your audience about my napkin drawings.
Congrats on the high Amazon ranking for your book! I find your methods and explanations insightful and workable for so many situations, I wish you continued good luck and wouldn't mind knowing who your agent and publisher are!

I shared this story with my audience - thanks f


You on Twitter.com yet...


Somehow I expected more drawing and less words on your blog. Today's was good! More pics! And why not create the first blog where you can comment by drawing or uploading your own napkin drawings? That idea has to be a copy of your book!

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