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January 01, 2009


I kind of forgot about it, until I received an envelope in the mail yesterday from Marnie. Inside was an actual Southwest Airlines "Rev Napkin" from a Las Vegas - Seattle flight, accompanied by a detailed description of how the cabin crew uses napkins in flig

I have a couple of individuals looking for a home equity loan ... I told them I'd look into it for them. I'd like to find a quality vendor, but if referrals commissions are paid out, I'd like to negotiate for that too.

How do I figure out what is a "great deal"?

I want to purchase some napkins for my sons 5th birthday party on 12-6- how do I do that?

Since this napkin was passed along to the Captain, I guess he/she was tire shopping. Let's HOPE it was for his/her BMW 335i, and not for his/her Boeing 737.

And who made the crossed-out notes related to shopping for tires? And were they for the plane or for their personal vehicle?

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