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March 18, 2009


Check out this visual tweet...many words, but needed the visual link:

Bradley Askew : Tweet #666 - Words couldn't express how I feel, thus an illustration, http://tinyurl.com/d2uuno

does not account for youtube

I think the future is in direct-to-brain low-jacking, ala The Matrix. Thus, we move from words to thoughts for all "virtual" interaction. I've already shaved my head in the back as prep for the inevitable.

I think you've forgotten that pendulums swing and teeters tot. The next big thing will be the web taking all those tweets and turning them into something akin to War and Peace.

and after Blipper "it" will be Gibber

Dan, did you just blipper "SXSW" ?


Twitter: @dulk

It's the 21st century morse code. Maybe next we'll use flag semaphores and no words??

Following Blipper there will be a further evolution. We will simply transmit single icons or periods to each other. Bipper.

Finally, at the end of days, we will all simply transmit a singularity in unison. Entropy will be achieved. A second big bang will occur and humanity will learn to actually communicate with itself again via speech and writing.

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