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June 01, 2009


Interesting view. I live abroad and don't have command of the local language. As a necessity I have had to become more creative in certain situations where previously I would have employed the simpler solution in my home country.

This is nothing to do with 'abroad' but being outside of the stifling overwork culture of the western english speaking world, which seems inimical to creative thinking.

Read Tom Hodgkinson for a wider view...


Wow! You were in Thailand, where I live now and where I bought your book last year... And you worked in Russia, which is where I was in March. And we both draw on scraps of paper! Let me know if you come around again to Thailand. We should meet up.

Very interesting post. I've traveled a lot for my career and lived briefly in Oxford and Paris. My experience visiting countries where I do not speak the language has been that this is a very visual type of learning - akin to what we do as kids. When I don't have to focus on the words, I study the context of the conversations and facial expressions much more. It definitely feels like it's using a different part of my brain.

Love your work. A request - build or develop a "Rosetta Stone" of examples. I'm one of the people who are great at editing, but not creating the first images.

I'll volunteer to give feedback!

Very cool -- thanks for the summary and pointer to the study. (I twittered this post.)

This finding makes sense. We know that the physical space people inhabit, has a very direct effect on their emotions and cognition. And we know that experience/doing is the best way to learn. So it makes sense that an extended immersion experience like living abroad would stretch people in ways that wouldn't happen in their home country.

I think one thing is for sure that people living abroad could learn more. I've been living in different cities since I was 18. Now I'm living in Singapore. God knows where I'll be living in the future.
P.S. I'm a fan of your book! Didn't find the book in Singapore. I bought it in Hong Kong last Oct.

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