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July 27, 2009


Everything from darling little slip on flats in Christian Louboutin’s fabulous Tattoo design with the Christian Louboutin name prominently displayed on the toe to the extremely classy.

the puppy police have taken him why he is so good

Call your baby "Snowball Roam" - blast the AKC if you need to... how many doggies have that name? My doggie's name is "Dallas." He was a rescue Sheltie and the sponsor closed her eyes, after opening a map of the United States and picked a spot...Dallas, Texas I suppose there is an allotment of people who live in that city. Forgettaboutit. Oh, and BTW, don't ask me about how he became known as "Dawish."

P.S. I LOVE puppies, and doggies of all kinds (except the fierce ones that bite). And... I paint doggie portraits for therapeutic value (for me that is), and my friends like their custom doggie portraits. Check them out at http://www.zazzle.com/dleyva08

Tell your daughter that her puppie's name is like hers... with a first name and a last name... "Snowball Roam" - after all, the puppy is part of the family too!

I vote for AKCFAIL.

You can stil call your dog Snowball. It just won't be registered officially as such. It's like horses. They often have a registration name and then the name they go by in day to day life.

There's almost always a difference between the name you register with and the name you use, at least here in the UK with the KC. Usually the breeder registers a litter, with a Kennel name and litter name, then you just call the dog what you want, which may reference the official name or not.

I'm voting for SNOWBALL001.

I had a similar thought as I wrote the check... why am I doing this?!

My breeder told me that if I signed up that I should use the name of her kennel for the first part, and litter name after that... Kalorin J {dog name}. Helps when building the family tree.

Call me anything but late for supper.

Nah, I don't think you are overreacting. This sort of thing happens more than it should and I am sure all of the commentators here can give examples.

Being a dog guy I loved your AKC post! You forgot to mention that if you want your dog to have a really-long-high-falutin-hoitie-toitie-dog-name-registered -and-official you have to pay extra for the extra letters. (I guess disk storage costs are hitting everybody.)


What, they didn't give you suggestions, like snowball24 and so on? ;-)
I feel with you, i'm from the country that invented the "Bürokratie".

Your position is noted. Stand by for further action.

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