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August 15, 2009


Wow the slides look incredible, you have some awesome techniques to say the least! Keep up the great work. I absolutely love the title of this blog as well!

Good articles over all and I would indicate that the best way to stay away from the doctors office it to feed yourself the right stuff. This article I think is also worthy of posting here for everyone to read. I will be coming back for more good info. thanks


I'm bookmarking this site!!!! I love your blog!

This equations is good and appropriate to the current health care system.

Good information on resources.Thanks for sharing.

Sometimes a fresh approach is best in explaining a tough issue.

As Someone who is from the UK, I find everybody's argument against your healthcare reforms extrodinary. It is obvious to me that you have those people who have a vested interest in keeping the state as it is who are against any reform. Anyone who doesn't have any vested interest is against it because they have been miss informed.
I have found a brilliant Video done by Michael Moor called Sicko ( i think thats the Title)
It compares the Health systems of a number of countries including the US and the US in the video comes out as the worst for looking after people, which is the primary reason you have a health care system. The premise of the system in the UK is healthcare is free at the point of source. Contrary to some peoples thinking that the service is substandard because it is provided by the state is blown out of the water in the Video. The service has some of the best quality equipment, personel, buildings, etc that you would see in any good hospital. I think that some people in the states are comparing the free service available as a safety net for those who have no health care insurance with our NHS and you are not comparing like with like. The beauty of the systems like ours is that you don't have to worry about getting health care when you know you have a system that gives high quality care as and when you need it. Take a look at Michael Moors Video it a real eye opener. Andy

Good post.Keep it up good information.

Your "napkins" oversimplify the problem to the point where they no longer represent reality. In the computer simulation world, we call that "assuming the world's flat and going from there." Your arguments seem predicated on the fact that the government has no blame due to what it's done with respect to 1) regulation of health care (i.e. anyone showing up to an ER must be treated regardless of need or means to pay), 2) establishment of Medicare/Medicaid price fixing (to the point where doctors raise prices on everyone else to cover the payment shortage from Medicare/Medicaid), 3) lack of regulation on malpractice punitive payouts which increases doctor's malpractice insurance costs, 4) failure to keep down costs of medical school thus reducing number of doctors we have. You also made no mention of the fact that Republicans actually do have ideas for reforming health care, but are being shouted down by Democrats. Republican ideas are tax deductible health savings accounts, catastrophic coverage for young, healthy people who only need that level of coverage, limiting punitive malpractice claims against doctors (which the Democrats will never do because the trial lawyers are big campaign contributors). So I ask, are you introducing bias into your arguments? If so, that's no way to communicate what's going on.

This is terrific, thanks!

Now, a little help:
Can someone please mirror the PDF file on something other than SlideShare? I'm not interested in getting yet another intrusive (even if it's free) account on something. Or, DigitalRoam people, just send me the file via email and I'll put it on my personal server until it gets overloaded. Thanks.

Nice, but you failed at one crucial thing - first accurately identifying the problem to be solved. You immediately put it all on the insurance companies. It all starts with the doctors and what they charge for their services. This is the first point of bloated pricing. If I go to a doctor for a referral to a specialist and all they do is refer me to someone else, why is their time worth $150+ an hour? The solutions start with putting salary caps on doctors.

Your info on the 4th health care slide is not correct. You say you will lose the taxation benefits for your insurance but so far NO plan proposes that. Also, you don't know that private insurance costs will go up. They might go down. not fair to scare people that way

I liked your explaination on health care, but many of us are waiting to see if Congress or the White house are willing to change their health care for one they are proposing.

Nice "napkins," just one minor correction on your summary: Barbara Boxer is your second Senator, Pelosi is the Speaker of the House.

Yesterday, I heard the President say "The public option is not the ONLY health care proposal on the table." He was speaking to a group of angry anti-reformers at a town hall meeting. I just hope the President, who is so brilliant at compromise, doesn't back down on this.

Nice presentation, Dan. Unfortunately, you've got a mistake when you talk about H.R. 676. Mr. Conyers is *not* a Senator, but a Representative. He's a Member of the House.

Dan, Brilliant as always.

On slide 44 on slideshare it looks like the 2005 and 2010 labels are reversed.

Accolades are due for your creative expertise! I am a former IT person who became a Registered Nurse, now interested in innovation at the intersection of health care and technology. Oh, and my therapeutic hobby is painting with Acrylics!

So, I posted about your slideshare presentation on my blog at http://www.myhealthtechblog.com

Way to go! I loved it!

Great job on the slides. It really puts your diagramming techniques out there for everyone to see. And it works!

I've been sharing this with all my friends since #1 came out, and I'm Canadian for goodness sake. This should be required reading in the USA.

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