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August 18, 2009


i like this part of the post!!!!you're an environment-conscious traveler equipped with an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you now have an option to download and consult local maps loaded with noteworthy green features, such as farmers' markets, bike lanes, and green buildings. Now available from the iPhone app store, these green maps come from Green Map System, an organization that promotes "inclusive participation in sustainable community development worldwide, using mapmaking as our medium."

one of the best if not the best series that has been, that purpose by God! I plead fan number 1 of the saga de star war ...

I unfortunately know everything about leg cramps symptoms and, thanks,
don't need any more "what it is"....
I read about every article about coffee draining magnesium ressources,
tried the cold shower, the "magic pad" neutalizing the static
electricity, the "magnesium powder allcalm from Canada"

wow im sending this to all of my Geek friends:-)

"It's the thought that counts."说的很好++

It may be "The Official Guide to the Complete Galaxy", but the cover lacks those comforting words, "Don't Panic".

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