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November 08, 2009


Where can I buy wallets to hold 6"x4"x photographs like what you would
get from a photo lab when they develop your photos. I want to buy them
online ideally. I live and need to find a source in the UK.

After an extensive search I was finally able to locate one major
manufacturer of the capsules used in the Japanese Capsule Hotels.

You know those leather (OK, naugahyde) pocket planners that hold index cards on one side and have a wallet pocket on the other? Called a "Ready Eddie" because ol' Eddie Carlson made all us Westin guys carry 'em. The story was that he designed them, but that may just be apocryphal...

You sure are in GREAT company! I know this building very well, but I have never heard of the "back of the napkin" story! this is so great! But still- you have to admit the architect went a long way from the initial sketch lol

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