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March 12, 2010


The street is a public easement, one of the few shared between all sorts of people. As a component of the built environment as ancient as human habitation, the street sustains a range of activities vital to civilization. Its roles are as numerous and diverse as its ever-changing cast of characters.

Interesting stuff Dan - but I still have the heebie jeebies about the government seizing lawfully awarded comp...

Being able to master the explanation of complex scenarios in plain, simple English is a gift Dan. Thanks for sharing.

Terrific post. Why can't we rethink how to help people understand Wall Street for heaven's sake?

You inspired me to respond: http://www.brittonmanasco.com/2010/03/shorting-our-customers.html

The world depends on us having a clue.

I like your Bonus Battle so much that I've reblogged it on Aardbron ยป Banken Bonus Battle (http://aardbron.nl/banken-bonus-battle/).

At the same time I challenge you to open this smoke curtain played out by the plutocracy using banks and government as expendible pawns.

What do you see when you look at World Billionaires Grew 50% Richer In 2009? http://rense.com/general90/world.htm What image emerges then? What video makes that?

Please Dan, you're an expert in making complex things and their impact understandable and accessible. Do mankind and planet Earth a pleasure and create another video on what really goes on behind the (smoke) curtains.

Dan, beware of tunnel vision.

My take away from your video - Wall St. still doesn't understand why they are justifiably despised and hated.

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