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March 22, 2010


Dan, I've been reading your blog for quite some time and love it when you post the videos from places you present. This one in particular was so intriguing because in your illustration about how old the cave paintings are from Lascaux, France, the little people representing a "generation" are so easy to think about. But then you expand the idea to show us more concretely how we can think about 32,000 years ago. Well done.

Anybody who has been to a pawnshop will notice either above the door, on the door or anywhere near the door a cluster of three globes or balls. Also you'll find this cluster of three balls on the store logo. What is the history and the meaning of this unique symbol?

I really enjoy history and would love to have a more scholarly career. However, it bothers me that a job history doesn't really imply a shaping and changing of the future, while I would like to have a more meaningful effect in working towards positive change. What are your opinions on the relevance of history and how it can be meaningful? Are there are any careers you can think of that would combine history and activism? (I am also not so much interested in studying activism)

Dan, your book is mentioned (in a positive light) in our latest post - here - http://www.earthpm.com/2010/03/information-is-a-beautiful-thing/

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